Nigeria is beginning to see its fair share of cross over collaborations with foreign acts and The Urban Warriors/ Celtic Clan  special edition cross over title is definitely one to watch out for.

 The Urban Warriors/ Celtic Clan (Special Cross-over Edition) is a limited crossover series based on characters created by Micheal Morah and Francis Morah  of the Nigerian Comic based Studio: EMPIRE COMICSand Nigel Flood  of Punt Press, Ireland.


The idea for the comic series came in the early part of 2012, the same year both creators were introduced to the characters for the very first time. During that period the Celtic clan had the first issue of their comic book in the works and the urban warriors had already published two issues of their comic book. For the creators of both characters, what served as a foundation for the idea of a crossover was the mutual likeness they had for each other’s characters. The Celtic Clan, the mighty superhero team of Ireland joined forces to fight against a reptilian menace that has existed many years ago known as The First Race, while the Urban Warriors , who are also a super hero team came together to battle a long existing evil organisation known as The Mamba Society. The similarities in background story that existed between the two teams, was a strong link in the creation of the cross over comic book.One of the biggest inspirations that lead to the crossover’s creation was the positive response from the public (or face-bookers). A lot of people where eager and excited to see it happen, and that was a huge boost to make it happen.

Nigel Flood, the creator of the Celtic Clan had the idea of a cross over between both titles. Micheal Morah created the Both plots and script for the comic series was penned by Michael Morah while the art for volume one of the crossover series is done by Francis Morah with colours by Emizi FX.

However, months into the announcement many are yet to get a copy of this comic title. We will keep you posted