Comic Panel Industry Night

It is a social hangout of fans and players in the creative arts industry in Nigeria. This includes the fields of Comics, Animation, Films, virtual Reality and Gaming. This event is hosted in partnership with the Nigeria Film Corporation. Venue is the Nigerian Film Corporation Building, Ikoyi, Lagos. It hold every last Friday of the month by 4:00pm.

Objective: the core objective is to provide a regular avenue that facilitates growth and broader awareness in this industry by setting up a platform for networking, collaboration, exhibition and celebration of skills and hard work. This event is fashioned to promote and bring to the wider public the latest local creative ideas and contents in comics, animation, gaming and films, especially those that would otherwise have remained in obscurity. This will in turn help create jobs in the economy when the promoted artists and creative outfits are getting wider recognition. We are trying to bring the art of comics, animation, gamin, etc. to where the Nigerian music industry is today or even farther. Globally, comics and animation is a 60 Billion dollar industry, events like this will help the Nigerian industry begin to get a decent representation in this robust industry.

Event Highlight:

·         Mingle Session: this is where the attendees are encouraged to meet each other and industry entrepreneurs are networking with potential partners and clients or even investors.

·         Geek Attack: in this session, a creative work is being highlighted for it to be reviewed and critiqued by the attendees. This constructive analysis and criticism of the work will make the creator improve so that contents being put out from Nigeria can only get better and better till globally competitive arts become a regular from Nigerian artists.

·         Creator’s Spotlight: here, a creator of comics, film, game or animation is being spotlighted and his/her work is publicized and talked about. The creator talks of his/her journey to making the content and share the core lessons learnt in it.

·         Comic Pitch Competition: this is for young and inspiring comic creators to showcase their comic book projects to the audience. Three comic creators compete each month for Unreleased Comic Book of the month. The audience gives their feedback to help the young creator make it better. In the end, the winning comic creator gets a chance to use the facilities and equipments in Spoof Animation studio to develop the comic book. They can also get cash prize to do their comic book if we get a sponsor for that.

·         Industry Issue Discussion: this session is where we debate and discuss about the way forward in the industry. We pick an area of interest that is a going concern in the industry and deliberate on how best to tackle it. This is in the hope that solutions to these challenges like funding and talent development can be found.


·         Film Screening: with the support of NFC, we get to show a film at the end of each event.