Comic Review: RUINS:The Wazobiadroid Chronicles #1

Creator: Michael Ekenobi (Mikenobi)

Writer: Chike Ohiagu

Illustrations: Mikenobi

Colours: Etubi Onucheyo

Cover Art: Mikenobi

Cover Colours: Harrison Tombra (Yinfaowei)

3D Art: Tolu Bamgbose

Reviewer: Ebuka Nzeji

Publisher: Mikenobi Comics

Issue: #1

Date Released: April, 2017

Country: Nigeria


Ruins is basically a futuristic/post-apocalyptic tale that details the

throes of a crumbled nation struggling to preserve its sovereignty from the evil terrorists - the JAL Wahalas. Captain Charles happens to be at the forefront of an unconventional approach to eliminating the longstanding enemies. His discovery of the mysterious Plexus opens new possibilities both sides at war are willing to explore to their advantage. Who will win this war? Who is the mysterious Professor Komolafe? What will transpire when the JAL Wahalas clash with the Wazobiadroids at Sakpoba highlands? Where will the Paragon lead us next? Who really is Nicole?


RUINS #1 opens up with scenes of F.C.T Abuja, now being a deadland. A war between the Wazobiadroids and the JAL Wahalas has been raging on for years. As the Wazobiadroid try frantically to rescue civilians stranded in the Zuma deadlands; the JAL Wahalas, at the command of Hadiri (their leader), also frantically pump out all their arsenals against the Wazobiadroids, in a bid to stop their rescue attempt. The Wazobiadroids are also after an artefact known as the 'Plexus', which the JAL Wahalas are on the verge of having in their possession. And Captain Charles Aluko the leader of the Wazobiadroid rescue team would stop at nothing until he gets Plexus.

Plexus will enable its bearer to get the coordinates to the location of a highly sought after time travel device known as the Paragon. Which was developed and invented the reputable late Professor Komolafe. However, in his bid to get hold of this artifact, Captain Charles disobeys an express order from the Council of Peacemakers, to return to base, at the Wazobia Province City; he and his elite team spends six months in search of the artifact. What happens to Captain Charles on his return to base? That is left for you dear reader to find out.

The Good

I must say that RUINS is really really fresh and original! Whilst reading it, I could feel my imaginations running wild in awe of the author's fantastic imagination. I like the theme being explored here: waging a war against Boko-Haram-esque kind of terrorists, in a dystopian backdrop of a futuristic Nigeria.

The character development was quite impressive; as one could easily make out from an instant glance, that Nicole and Hadiri were both antagonists. Their characters seemed to have been developed through playing around the Delilah and Cruella de Vil personas. And they clearly looked the part.

Captain Charles' impressive amour suit was a joy to behold. Now I understand why Comic Panel had to put up a photo of this amour suit on the Blog. The suit looks very original! It looks so good that I foresee a lot of amour suit design plagiarisms and thefts in no distant time. Lol!

The penciling also impressed me. It was not the usual stereotyped penciling that takes after that which is prevalent in the Western comic scene. There was something quite original about this kind of penciling. It doesn't set out to appear cutting-edgy, but to give as much detail as can and still appear unique.

The concept of the Council of Peacemakers, struck quite a chord. It was well befitting for the entire premise...and helped to lend further credence to the Africanness that it sought to bring to the fore.

The dialogues were just apt and straight to the point.

The action sequences were also very dope!

The Bad

Much details were not given to the holograms that were emitted from the gadgets used...except for that of the Plexus artifact.

The Ugly

There was nothing ugly about RUINS #1.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this comic book. I could literally feel the originality and creativity that RUINS #1 oozed. The amount of work and creativity that went into its creation is clearly evident. It was just original! I could also sense the Africanness and whiffs of Nigerianness that RUINS #1 apparently sought to evoke. I can't wait to lay my hands on its #2. I sincerely hope that its creators and writers will live up to expectation, and surpass what they did with #1. Comic-philes like myself, should do well to get a copy of RUINS #1. Well done, Mikenobi and Co!



I rate this comic book 4 stars out of 5.

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