He is a man of many faces and many skills. He started out his career as a digital painter but now is delving in every aspect of creativity. We bring to you Raphael kazeem.


During his JSS, Raphael found interest in writing after having to have watched too many movies at his 16s, he wrote stories that were creative and educative, the kind of stories you will find in the old Nollywood movies. When he was done writing, he would give these books to his mates in class and when they read, they enjoy the books so much and never want to return it to him, some were even stolen of which he had to re-write. Even his Aunt found interest in his writings and encouraged him the more to continue because she sees a great talent in him.


 When Raphael got to his SSS, he made new friends, the ones that were artists, he remembers; every week, his friends would come with hand drawn arts done with biro, color pencil and marker, these arts were so amazing and it attracts people to them so Raph had to compete. Weeks later, he attached himself to his artist friends and at every break time at school, he would run to their class and sit with them to learn how they do their drawings, it wasn’t long before he knew how it was done. And so the light shined and he discovered he could actually draw creative arts which even made him stand out from his friends because most of them draw their arts from mortal combat and street fighter games, this was how his journey into the comic industry began. Years later, after he had come across comics from DC Comics, MARVEL Comics, IMAGE Comic and Valliant Comics, most of which motivated him, he started drawing his own stories & characters into an A5 paper size with hb pencils and he would sell it to his friends in school at a good price after he was done, they loved his works.

After he graduated from his Secondary schools, He went into self training on how to use Adobe Photoshop 6.0 to paint artworks on computer in the year 2003. He gained these skills in a year and an half months. In 2005, he did his first coloring job that earned him good cash; New Nigerians from MAJESTIC Comics. This comic was co-titled: BLOW OUT as the first release of the company which also gave him a lift into the industry and had got him contracts from other companies such as: IC Comics, Empire Comics, Stallion Comics, Elixir Comics, Pneuma Comics and some others. Raphael however, with his high reputation doesn’t just plan to make money from the industry, but with a dream to make the Nigerian comic industry become what it is in the U.S comic industry like the marvel and D.C universe. He is now in top category of the best comic colorists and also a comic creator plus a dream of becoming one of the best Comic Publisher in the industry. So the story goes on….. Watch out for him!