The might of guardian Prime is out and we took our time to review it.  Do you agree? If you don't lets know what you think







WriterWale Awelenje

PencilsStanley Obende

ColoursMichael Balogun

Lettering: Michael Balogun, Stanley Obende

Art DirectorStanley Obende

PublisherComic Republic Global Network

Issue: #8

Date Released: November, 2016

Country: Nigeria



Tunde Jaiye is Guardian Prime (a.k.a G.P.), the fifth element. Blessed with awesome elemental powers, he won't ever stop fighting for what is right. In the aftermath of a massive alien invasion that left the world economy reeling, Guardian Prime found himself dragged into an uneasy alliance with UN super agency NACSS and its tough-as-nails Director, Jade Waziri. When her apparent meddling with forces we barely understand, causes the deaths of several NACSS agents, an ancient Alusi spirit is then unleashed upon the people of Lagos! G.P. is forced to take action and seal it away. These actions will not be without consequences, but for now, G.P. works alongside The Extremes, a youthful team of super powered parahumans, to protect the people of Nigeria from anything that threatens their safety....







Might of Guardian Prime #8 really good. It begins with the celebration of the Nigerian Independence Day at the Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos. Which according to Guardian Prime, has not been celebrated in a while, due to spates of militant bomb attacks across the country. Especially that which took place in Eagle Square Abuja.

The Extreme crew made up of Nu-Tech, Max Speed and Powerbox (the leader), seem too have gotten the terrorists grounded, to ensure that the independence day celebration goes as smoothly as planned.  While Guardian Prime remained on ground at the Tafawa Balewa Square to ensure that there were no surprises.


The Good

I like the premise on which Might of Guardian Prime issue #8 is set. The whole stuff about about G.P. and Jade Waziri having to disagree over the Lester Proposal. Unlike Kunle Kamal (Jerome Shabbaz Malik), a Union Guard super hero who readily accepted the proposal and swapped his Nigerian nationality, for a Green Card. The banter that ensued between G.P. and Jade was also spicy.

The meeting between the deities was also a concept that I found quite interesting. The whole Science Witchcraft-Spiritual Energy Transfer-Mnemotech thingy was also a neo-concept to me. I felt that, "Yes", while it may not be a Wow-effusing concept, it was also quite laudible in its own right. And I think is going to catch on very soon. I forsee other comics outlets within the country borrowing a leaf from this concept.

I also loved the cliff-hanger that it ended with. With Guardian Prime feeling all powerful and yet powerless about entering into the US Airspace. He just had to stand there watching Kunle Kamal getting pummelled by Ivruwih, the god and Symbol of Aggression.

The action sequences were quite impressive!




The Bad

The continuity and transition from one scene to the other was just too abrupt. A good instance of this, was the abrupt transition from the scene where G.P. and Jade Waziri were still talking about the consequences of using the artifacts of demigods and deities for the Mnemosyne Project, to the scene where the deities where meeting in a spiritual realm.

I think and feel it would have been better if the transition was made from the G.P. and Jade Waziri scene, to scene where Dr. Amara George was meeting with Defence Secretary, Coleen Brand and the new CINC-NORAD. And then to the scene of the meeting of the gods. It would have made for a more fluid and seemless transition.

The penciling and colouring should have been better, as well the art itself. The whole graphics looked like an ode to the American comic strips of the 70's and 80's. It was also not neat at first sight. The facial features should have been more prominent, visible, and neat.


The Ugly

There was nothing ugly about the Might of Guardian Prime #8 apart that it took a while for the pages to load up while browsing



I believe that there is more to come from the comic artists behind this awesome comic they further sharpen their skills. I hope to see a sharper and neater, and of course an even more exciting Might of Guardian Prime #9. To all of you at Comic Republic Global Network: keep up the good work guys!




I rate this comic book 3 stars out of 5.


Reviewer: Ebuka Nzeji