It was much awaited and finally the maiden edition of Comic Panel Industry Night held on March 31st, 2017 at the Nigerian Film Corporation, Ikoyi, Lagos. The concept was to provide a platform for players in the Nigerian Comic Industry to get together to discuss salient issues. And that was exactly what it did



Industry Night commenced whenthe MC, Cisi Eze, invited one of the guests to start the event with the opening prayer. This led to the reciting of the national anthem. Immediately after the anthem, Ayodele Elegba, CEO Mustard Seed Entertainment, took the stage and gave his welcome speech. It was short, straight to the point. From his speech, we were able to understand the aim of Industry Night. Industry Night intends to be a platform to converge comic industry players in order to work towards the growth of the industry in Nigeria.


Soon after Elegba’s welcome address, Tunde Akinolu, representative of the Director of the Nigerian Film Corporation, gave his welcome speech. Prior Comic Con 2016, he did not know there was a comic industry in Nigeria.

The segment segued into the “Mingle Session”. One of the main reasons for Industry Night is to create the ambience that would enable stakeholders in the industry to meet and become “besties”. This session ended when some members of the audience switched seats.  


“Spotlight” was the next programme and MB Johnson aka Seven of Basement Animations was invited to give an insight of the cartoon, “Ade Fellas”. This segment was amazing! These characters were realistic, everyday Nigerians. The icing on the cake was when Basement played an episode of Ade Fellas. The dialogue, characterisation, setting... everything was on point! Basement Animation did a great job.


Industry Discussion, the other reason for the event kicked off with Raymond Anyasi introducing the topic for discussion – Plagiarism. This problem is rife in every form of art. Different comic artistes spoke on this issue, and to my surprise, it was fascinating. It was educative, informative, and entertaining. It was shocking, too. Joyce Olageshin of Supa Strikas spoke at length about her experience at the hands of plagiarists. We do not have a strong legal system to prosecute intellectual thieves. Do you know that the fine for plagiarism in Nigeria is N100? Anyone can steal your work and shut you up with a mere N100. Please, let that sink in.


There was a stand that displayed comic books from several comic book makers such as Comic Republic, Epoch Studios, Majestic Comics etc. There were also Spoof character branded T-Shirts and comic cover note books for sale too

As the evening came to a close, a short film on cinematography in Hollywood, Side by Side, by Keanu Reeves, was aired. This film was provided by the NFC.

The maiden edition of Industry Night came to an awesome end! Much credit goes to the organizers and partners that helped make this event a reality.


The next Comic Panel Industry Night would take place on June 30th, 2017 at the same venue according to the organizers. Most importantly, there will be small chops in the next edition. Who doesn’t love small chops? The days seem longer now that I am counting down to June 30th. I can’t wait to meet you there!


For the maiden edition, there were more guests than anticipated; however, there was a dilemma. Should Industry Night be monthly or quarterly? It was agreed that the event would be monthly, but after deliberate thought on the part of the organisers, Industry Night would hold quarterly. Then again, what do you think? Please, drop your comments here.