We all know that the comic industry is flooding in with loads of comics but this one will blow your mind as we bring to you a team of four intellectual vagabond roaming the galaxies with a common goal. their fate tied to a city widely feared around the world. Read review now.


OUTCAST OF JUPITER is a new sci-fi adventure comic that tells the story of a group of exceptionally talented individuals known as the Outcast. They are a team of four explorers and each a genius at their fields. The story is set on a fictional new earth in the year 3125 in Morocco deep in the cliff side of the city of seven faces, which is known to be one of the most dangerous and notoriously exotic places in the world. For one, you really don’t want to bring your children here because this place is populated with mostly all the bad profession you can ever imagine; dark secrets, slavers, harlots, gangsters and the most wanted criminals looking for a hideout in the shadows which brings us back to our ingenious team of four and why they’re here to save the day.

In the team, we have, SULESH, a member of the ancient Jovian race and leader of the Outcast. She’s beautiful, smart and she serves as the team’s foresight, but you don’t want to take this lady’s IQ for granted as she’s also versatile in nature. She’s a renowned strategist, arbiter, diplomat, pilot and a principled mother as well as a woman of incredible goals and willpower. Then there’s STEIN, the fine James Bond-like character. He’s a lover, liar, thief and a rogue; also known as the man with a thousand faces, this Mr cool guy’s move will keep you entertained all the way to the brim. Next on the team is the dark skinned PERSIO, the brilliant husband of the team’s leader SULESH. He’s a genius level intellect character with doctorate degrees in Xenobiology, Astrophysics, Oceanography and Aerospace engineering from diverse institutions across distant galaxies, those who fancy brainstorming and scientific analysis will surely dig this character. Anyone who loves the saying, ‘action speaks louder than words’ will so feel this guy’s brutal and ruthless swag; DENARII is the guy who loves to fight and confront foes with absolute fearlessness. He’s genius in structural and territorial infiltrations as much as he’s good in fighting and breaking the bones of his enemies. You should know that this guy is not a government lover, so he doesn’t play by the rules.

Together, they travel the galaxies to counter top level missions that will that will make you bite your foot. The comic gives you this rousing kind of old fashion style of storytelling feel that will enjoy. It has strong suspenseful words and a flat coloring style for a comic based on thousands of years into the future but a good read with a very promising content and the writer seemed not to be in a haste to introduce all the characters at once. The OUTCAST OF JUPITER is filled with action, adventure, mystery, romance and deeds of daring do. There’s no doubt that it is one thumbs up story worth wetting the hands as one hopes that the high level reputation of these characters would portray the potential of the story and expand the universe that revolves around the unpredictable city of seven faces. The OUTCAST OF JUPITER is a story written by SHOBO COKER and drawn by his brother SHOFELA COKER.













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