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ComicPanel Review: Avonome 8 'Hitsuzen'

Released April 8, Avonome the eight installment is such a comic that sounds it own hype. Going by the social media fever before its release,  the producers seemed to be more excited about it even before we got the chance to consume it. Give it to them though; they lived up to it 


ComicPanel Review: Avonome #8

Created & Story: Stanley Obende & Mr. Ighorodje

Artist: Stanley Obende

Colors: Michael Balogun

Publishers: Comic Republic

Released April 8, Avonome the eight installment is such a comic that sounds it own hype. Going by the social media fever before its release,  the producers seemed to be more excited about it even before we got the chance to consume it. Give it to them though; they lived up to it and delivered as expected. In the days of darkness when the hapless creative mind sought the light of local comics, there was Avonome to satiate their thirst. And now, years later, the consistent story of a Tomboy torn between worlds and realms still delights us. We could only hope the story tracked faster and see where the journey really leads. I speak for myself though.

Even then, we still got a job to do and that is to critique intelligently and without bias. So before we tear it down to its bare nakedness and then flesh it where it is well concealed, I disclaim;

"The ComicPanel review of Avonome #8 contains spoilers.  If you haven't read the comic book, stop now! Go online and download before reading this review."

First thing first, did anyone see what they did with the cover? I hope no one is getting credit for this because clearly we have seen this somewhere before. Remember this?


Now that you see what I mean, I could also say that it takes intelligence to rip this off so well that it makes blood to roil just as much as the marvel cinematic makes us. A look at the cover and I expected the same blood thumping and unnerving excitement that we will see in April 27. Unfortunately, it is just a bluff. A good bluff, artfully devised. In simple words, don't be deceived by the cover. it is not as gheghen-ish on the inside as it is from the outside.

Enough of the cover already, let us delve into the pages proper.

THE STORYLINE: Almost instantly you can tell the story is written not just by someone who knows ink and paper, but knows the craft of narratives. Throughout the pages of the story,  the writer skillful kept his apt and the readers thirst. Going by the whole plot, there is not much to make of it. The only reason we turned page after page was because every balloon still had something to be said, and we looked for it until the very last page. Disappointing you might say, but it is a good skill of writing to keep the readers wanting. At the end of it all, there was not much that adds to the general plot. Some humor, some clandestine meets and some more soliloquy that fascinates the readers is what we got in this storyline.

It is a welcomed direction the path the storyline took in the eight issue. Away from the battles and spirits and realms, we got to see more of the lead character and how she acclimatise to modern reality. It was a relief to dig into the amazingly crafted personality of the lead character,  even though it was shortlived. If I were to judge, I wouldn't mind at all if all we saw in the comics was Avonome and her queer adventures in real time. I was disappointed by the abrupt dive into the other realm from a soon-to-be epic basketball game. Oh, what a drag! We will have to wait for God-knows-how-long to see the end of the game. At least, all the complex mathematical tormulas she conjured in her mind would not come to nought, would they?

There is something about the writer's skill that was superfluous and somehow impeded the flow of thought. It is the writer's compulsion to impress with punch-lines or one-liners. To be able to pull one or two in a page is a good skill for a comic script writer. To pull too many is disturbing and often times intimidates the reader. Any one would think this true especially the closing pages of the comic. At a point, I almost did not know what all the flamboyant captions were for. Comic books are what they are, leisurely and light literature.

In all, the story is well written. Doing a little bit of proof reading though I found in many places misplaced punctuations, over use of '...' even in unnecessary places. Such errors or carelessness can hamper the judgement. Notwithstanding, the storyline is just good enough to receive laurels and may as well find itself in the best script category in an upcoming contest. Well... who knows what anyways?

THE GRAPHICS: It is always a beautiful thing to see panels laid artistically in such ways that they fancy the eyes. This is the most beautiful part of the graphics. Besides, the artist was graceful in his depictions of ambiance, themes and locations. The colors were superfluous and also very apt. Hardly were there any flaws in detailing that is worthy of wagging tongues. Colors and art played together such that the reader is tempted to take a second and third look. The graphics is flawless as far as a novice like me could tell. Although, I did not understand the other shade of greenish-yellow on the faces of the crowd when Tobs was on the phone with his grandpa. Is it shades of lighting or it is face-paint? Or the stain of red on the nose of the driver just right in the next panel. Such use of color effects can't be realistic in real world, although it were to be the other realm, it will take a forgiving pass. Aside from these little faults,  it is in total a good feeling feast for the eyes.

SUBMISSION: Avonome has thrilled us from the onset,  and hence we are more thrilled with an eight installment. The story is well scripted and depictions are well laid. In all, it is and worthwhile. I was entertained just as I am held in suspense as to what comes next.


RATING: 4.3 out of 5 


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