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Yesterday we brought you the exclusive breaking news that SPOOF COMICS will be launching new titles. Well, today we have the titles that will be released alongside some super dope posters which

we sneaked out for you guys below. These titles are Boxsa, Jinx, Voyager and the re-launched Vantage  In fact, July 10 should do and come...


Ismaila “Easy” Kazeem is an amateur boxer struggling to go pro. He gets desperate as the day go by with age running out on him and boxing being his only skill of note. In his desperation, he consults a voodoo witch doctor who gives a charmed arm band.

The charm gets out of control and in his last bit fair conscience he decides to channel this new super ability into a course for public good. Hence, “Easy” becomes the most unlikely ghetto hero; this however, comes at a dire cost of endless peril on his life and those of his loved ones.


He is fully aware of what he is up against but this new “Easy” gives him peace than the old. It’s “Easy” against the hood and throwing punches at evil has never been this nasty yet gratifying.



Raised in an orphanage, 17 years old Enobong Akpan is plagued with a chain of misfortunes which haunts her right from her childhood. She confronts her challenges with defiant curiosity but her true spiritual origin is yet to unravel. Unsure of her spirituality Eno plays a juggling act between being human and spirit. Hence an endless struggle with villains from the spirit realm who are bent on disrupting the normal life she craves.


JINX is a story of self discovery shared in a world of fantasy and adventure.





In the post apocalyptic era, the remnant of mankind found solace in a constellation of planets around the RED SUN called the Gluvian Strip. This new home of humanity was developed by a consortium of corporations that became known as the United Conglomerate. They set up a force called the Space Corps. Captain Evian Oviosa is set on a collision course with the United conglomerate when he stumbles into a discovery that could revert the apocalypses and return earth to its glorious days. The conglomerate who are now profiting from the venture of housing mankind on their planets will make sure he doesn’t succeed, and this hero would stop at nothing.







Dawal Yinusa, (VANTAGE) a Nigerian born US Marine returns to his homeland to be wedded to the woman of his dreams, the honeymoon isn’t over when the bride goes missing. He would turn every street corner in the country on its head to find her. His unstoppable search for Anita takes him into the underbelly of Nigeria’s deadliest crime ring, but the newly turned vigilante will stop at nothing.

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