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Lagos Comic Con Goes to DISCOP, Abidjan

It is surely good times coming quickly out of the horizon too fast that if you blink you miss the show. The Lagos Comic Convention has sealed a partnership with African Animation Network. Part of the perks that comes with this partnership is that Lagos Comic Con will be provided a

booth at the global audiovisual market place known as DISCOP. At this marketplace event, content buyers from all over the world meet with content creators/sellers. Hundreds of amazing TV deals and fantastic content sales are made in each event.

The presence of Lagos Comic Con in this marketplace opens a world limitless opportunities for the players for which Lagos Comic Con serves as an umbrella body. This signals the beginning of opening Nigerian creative contents to global buyers. This means foreign exchange for the economy via Nigerian artists, it means more employment and ultimately rise in our Gross Domestic Product and the creative industry contributing a higher than ever share to the GDP.

At a recent meeting between the new Nigerian Film Corporation Managing Director and stakeholders in Lagos, the incoming director made clear his mandate of the film industry contributing 10% to Nigeria’s GDP. This is a tall order by all means but it is not impossible. One way in which it can be made possible is if we grow our global market opening.

We can only raise the income from our contents if we begin to sell more contents to buyers in the US and Europe and begin to earn in Dollars and Pounds. This is the biggest benefit we get from this partnership between lagos Comic Con and the AAN. It is worth noting that African Animation Network has a running partnership with ANNECY. ANNECY is also a content marketplace like DISCOP but ANNECY is based in France. So in extension, Lagos Comic Con has a window of putting Nigerian contents in the French and Europe content market and the world over.

In a statement on the signing of this partnership, founder of Lagos Comic Con, Ayodele Elegba said, “LCC is proud to be a partner of AAN at DISCOP Abidjan.  The participation of LCC at DISCOP Abidjan is what we hope to be the start of more partnerships across the African continent within this sector”.

Also included in this partnership is the term that Africa Animation Network will be given a booth at the Lagos Comic Con 2017. This will be some sort of Animation Lounge for exhibition of the finest of African Animation contents from across the continent. Hence, not only is Lagos Comic Con going to the world but the world is coming to Lagos Comic Con.

According to Nick Wilson, Project Manager for AAN, “True to the AAN mandate, we’re providing an open network platform for African national AVGC associations to market themselves at Africa’s premiere content markets- DISCOP Abidjan Johannesburg.  We’re excited to explore the diversity of the African animation industry with the possibility of creating co-production and collaboration opportunities across borders and regions whilst simultaneously building capacity within the sector.” 


This is welcome development for Nigeria, we are sure there are many more goodies yet to come from this sweet partnership in the coming months. 

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