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Wonder Woman’s Armpits ‘Fixed’ in New Trailer

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Nobody predicted that Gal Gadot’s armpits would be a topic of conversation once Wonder Woman‘s marketing started, but things have already gotten stranger, with the studio responding by editing said armpits in response.


We have crossed the border between the strange and ridiculous, comic book fans, leaving us wondering if the body hair and grooming techniques of Batman and Superman are now up for discussion. Unfortunately, the criticism addressed in the latest round of Wonder Woman previews and TV spots doesn’t add in digital hair to Gal Gadot’s underarms – but is nevertheless as pointless, and was nevertheless pointed to by countless online commenters and pundits.

It’s possible that some comic book fans completely missed this armpit discussion (we hope, at the very least), so we’ll give a quick refresher. The shot in question comes from the Wonder Woman ‘Origins’ trailer, in which Diana is shown tossing an entire tank over her head at enemy soldiers. An act that proved worth commenting on not for the show of strength and fearlessness, but for the close-up shot it provided of actress Gal Gadot’s armpits. Armpits that were hairless, smooth, and paler than the rest of her skin. All features that soon grabbed headlines and a fair bit of dismissal-sharing on social media… to the extent that Warner Bros. marketing clearly caught wind, making changes to the shot in future footage.



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