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Face Off: Comic Republic vs Vortex Comics



Vortex Comics heroes


Comic Republic heroes 

So today,  I've got for you two big comic studios in Africa, in Nigeria and they are: 

 Vortex Comics and Comic Republic

As  a reminder, this article is not to discuss who is better, but to outline the good outcomes of rivalry between the comic studios. For those who don't see the similarities and dissimilarities, you might as well take a look.



VC- Somto Ajuluchukwu is the creative director of Vortex Comics, a Lagos based company creating comics and cartoons rooted in African culture.VC was founded in 2013 but launched in 2015.

CR-Comic Republic, founded by Jide Martin, established in 2013. It is a Nigerian comic character franchise that produces digital comic books to tell more compelling stories of Africa and inspire a movement of people who believe they can influence change if they start with themselves. 


VC- Vortex kicked off as a blog on arts, comic& cartoons initially until the first original content, Town crier. It was a 2-minute animated short and Vortex Comics has grown from there.

'We decided to share our stories and traditions and history with people', he said.

African culture isn't just an angle or spearhead slogan of Vortex Comics, African culture is Vortex Comics. They have 60 publications and many more to come including Strikeguard,  local champions, orisha pikin and more. 

CR-Recently,  Quartz Africa tagged the Comic Republic startup as a renaissance of 'made in Africa' content. Even when the superheroes have foreign names, they also have traditional names which are the first of its kind in the country. 

Comic Republic is creating a world of genuine and uniquely African Superheroes and by that doing, has published over 40 comic books and distributed them all free to grow the comic book culture in Africa.



VC-There's no organization that has things going well for them without no challenges so VC has had it fair share of challenges. There are challenges which includes the lack of affordable power and the price of imported paper which makes Nigerian print companies expensive and it has made vortex comics basically publish online. There is also the issue of Africans not attuned to consuming their own content brought by their local industries.

CR- To make money which is a challenge, Comic Republic takes on side projects with various organizations. Amongst side projects, they've done projects with an NGO dealing in Malaria education, making a special comic of superheroes that go from town to town battling malaria teaching people what to do which the startup has done similar work for a pharmacy and trading website. Nice work!


VC- Despite myriad challenges, VC has succeeded in producing an animated short film based on Strike Guard which was one of the superheroes discussed lastweek for those who read our article. It was a 9-minute piece whose storyline was taken from Beads of fury, the first installment of the strike guard series which Premiered at last year's Lagos comic convention and now its drawing global recognition to animators living and working in Nigeria. 

Vortex Comics is not stopping there, they are in the midst of developing a full- length animated series to be broadcast both on local and Pan African television (DSTV ) so we should be expecting many more from Vortex Comics.

CR- Talking of Rewards, it was named best comic publishing firm in the 2015 Lagos comic convention. In addition to that, Comic Republic was featured as African start up by the American News Agency, CNN on the 23rd of November, 2016.

In the process of generating revenue by creating special themed comics, they also motivate people to believe they can be superheroes. The superheroes have  everyday Nigerian names and this makes it easier for people to identify with them easily, e.g Ireti, Avonome, e.t.c

VC-Vortex Comics is already launched the VEXPO, a series of events tailored for comic lovers and industry people. VEXPO is a five- day event that involves creative skill sessions for children, an industry hangout and then to cap it all is a theater adaptation of vortex latest releases.

CR- ComicRepublic also host a yearly event called ' ComicConnect' that is designed to bring together stakeholders in the comicmaking industry and hence, creating an environment for growth and progress. The initiative is a well attended event and this has added significant pride and prestige to the Nigeria comic scene.

VC- In the push to have a better African support, the CEO of VC and his colleagues also hold after school programs to teach children how to make comics with the hope that the more people know how to make comics , the more the industry will grow. 

CR- Hoping to increase comic reading in Nigeria,  comic republic has made its comics available to read for free download on website. They have also made impactful outreach to secondary schools ad orphanages across the city of lagos, showing young ones the ComicRepublic way, "Anyone can become a hero." Their humanitarian movement has been noted to increase passion for the comic in the younger generation.

VC: The focus of VC is not to be the first, the idea is to break the ceiling for the industry and watch the tidal wave come in as it booms, like Nollywood today.

CR- In general, Comic Republic tries to make sure that all their superheroes end up with a good moral ending that says do good, be good and life will be good to you.


Both studios are moving really fast and their works are well appreciated but we just need more support from Africans. So if you love ComicPanel then support African Comic because we ain't going nowhere. 

To see titles and read Comics from Vortex Comics, visit their website vortex247.com

To see titles and read comics from comicrepublic, visit their website thecomicrepublic.com

Article By Tobi Adeola

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