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LCC ARTICLES: Inside Lagos Comic Con 2017


September 16, 2017, was a memorable day for fans of comics, games, arts and animation in Nigeria. Well, at least for those who attended “Lagos Comic Con 2017”. The event is one of the few comic con events in Nigeria and it’s proven over time, through its growth, to be capable of giving us a feel of what a comic con event actually is therefore, earning its name “Lagos Comic Con”.


Last year's Lagos Comic Con event held at NECA House Ikeja, and brought together professionals, fans and other participants/players in the Digital Entertainment Industry, hosting a remarkable crowd above 5000 participants. Players in the industry came to showcase their works, sell and market their ideas, products and services, as well as network.

Among the companies present at the event were: Comic Republic, Spoof Animations, Vortex, Centrigrid Games and Komotion Studios. While the event progressed, Comic books, T-shirts, action figures, among other comic items were being sold by various vendors. Komotion Studios aired the trailer for their upcoming animation, ”Dawn of Thunder”. This did steal the attention of the crowd. Centrigrid Games held a Gaming Competition on their latest Game “On armed” and gave T-shirts to people with the highest scores, while spoof animation held a drawing competition, one which showcased lots of talents in our Nigerian youths.

Lots of Talks and seminars were held at the event on the impact of the digital entertainment industry on the economy of Nigeria with topics focusing on “animation, Gaming, Virtual Reality, Money making and Finance (Heritage Bank organized a talk on “CREATIVE SME FINANCE”)”, but what really intrigued people was the Cosplay session, where Nigerian youths dressed up like their favorite comic characters.

 Some remarkable cosplays at the event was the funny looking wolverine, a guy dressed like samurai jack and of course, the winner of the cosplay session, the guy dressed like “enzio” in Assassins creed. Naija Game evolution held a FIFA Gaming competition with a cash prize of N50, 000 for the winner, 30,000 for the first runner up and 20,000 for the second runner up. 

To round up the event, FIST awards were given out to remarkable participants in the digital entertainment industry. 

Lagos Comic Con 2017 was a success. There has been lots of positive feedbacks from the people who attended. This is why 2018 os going to be bigger and better.

 For the 2018 Lagos Comic Con, Ayodele Elegba plans to move the event to a larger venue - the Landmark Event Centre in nearby Lekki - and also bring in more foreign creators. "It's obvious we need a bigger space as the crowd keeps getting bigger. We hope to bring in established comic creators from Marvel, DC, and Valiant as well," said Elegba. "We also want to further involve the animation and gaming industry as well in 2018. Our target is 7,000 participants and we believe cosplay will be bigger. We are also hoping to expand into other states as well to see if what we have in Lagos can be replicated."

Don't you already look forward to september already? We do.

Next week, we will be bringing you a comprehensive lists of winners at the Comicpanel Fist Awards 2017.

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